Groupware 3 Features

BusinessChat, Video call, Schedule, basic functions are free!
1. Basic functions are free
  • Integrate Business Chat, Video Conference, Document Management, Schedule, Capture, Sticky Notes.
  • Basic functions are available for free.
  • It automatically recognizes LAN users immediately after installation, so no difficult setting at all.
Video call can be used by multiple users
2. Video call
  • Video call can be used by multiple users, FullHD quality, FullScreen is also supported.
  • TV conference system can be used cheaply.
On-premises / Cloud / Telework
3. On-premises / Cloud / Telework
  • Supports Windows / Mac / Android / iOS.

  • Depending on the policy of each team, Hybrid model that can be used for LAN or Cloud&Mobile.

Business Chat

IP Messenger

IP Messenger compatible
Automatically recognize users in LAN, and can send and receive encrypted messages. File and folder transfer is also OK.

Business chat can react with icons

Reaction with icon
You can quickly reply with the icon, you can register your favorite message and send it quickly.

IP Messenger compatible read receipt

Send / Read record
It is easy to send a receipt confirmation message, easy to check the opening status.

Let's reduce wasteful meetings by using chat

Let's reduce wasteful meetings by using chat
Chat rooms can be created freely within LAN with public and private restrictions.

Business chat and screen capture work together

Screen capture and Efficient review
Screen capture, paint function on images can also be used.

IP Messenger format log

Log search is powerful
It is possible to search arbitrary text instantaneously from your past log with 1 million rows.

Video call · Voice call

Video call · Voice call

Video conference with one click!
Since Chat&Messenger automatically recognizes client users, there is no need for management trouble even when personnel change, seating change, joining your company.

Desktop screen sharing

Desktop screen sharing
Send desktop screen in real time during voice calling possible. In the multi-screen environment, you can specify the screen to be shared, also operate the remote screen with Remote Assistant.

Video call on desktop and mobile

Video call on desktop and mobile
Easily participate anytime, anywhere.
Using smartphone cameras, you can talk while projecting external images such as construction sites and warehouses.

Document · File sharing

Document · File sharing

Document Management / File sharing system
A high-function document / file sharing system allows you to share in-house knowledge documents.

Search is tremendous
It can search fast and lightly with incremental search. If you can not find the target document immediately, there is no meaning that the document is shared.

Template registration and copying function
You can create new posted documents from templates or copy from posted documents .

Calendar · Schedule · Conference room reservation

Calendar · Schedule · Conference room reservation

It is possible to schedule and TODO registration quickly from the received.

Scheduled appointment
You can browse members' public schedule and schedule appointments in empty hours.

ToDo management
ToDo request to members quickly and manage the progress.

Mobile / Telework support

Mobile / Telework support
By using the Chat&Messenger cloud service, users can be automatically recognized on an email domain basis. Also synchronize with your mobile device (Android / iOS).

  • Mobile synchronization and remote office support
  • Reduce the cost of VPN connection and securely connect between sites
  • System design focusing on security for enterprises
  • All users become Business Premium Edition

On-premise CAMServer

By arranging CAMServer with management function on a vacant PC, it is possible to construct full-fledged groupware securely within the company intranet.

CAMServer is installed in the same sense as Chat&Messenger, it is characterized by designing it so that 100 - 200 users can handle it sufficiently. You do not need any IT skills (Web server, DB server etc) required for server construction.

  • Recognize users in LAN different segments
  • Easy to build video conference and extension call system
  • Message transfer to offline users
  • Share schedule
  • Meeting room / facility reservation
  • High-function document / file sharing system
  • Email transfer to smartphone terminal
  • Centralized management of message logs
  • All users become Business Premium Edition