[Desktop] Minor improvements for Windows version

February 4, 2024 v4.31.27

  • Improvement of the phenomenon where the size of a compressed JPEG file taken with a camera becomes large when it is displayed on the image preview screen and then saved.

May 06, 2023 v4.30.60

  • Fixed an issue where the application cannot be started after applying automatic version update on the Mac version.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to resolve this issue without manually upgrading the version by downloading it from the top of the site.
  • Improvements around cloud connectivity

01/29/2023 v4.30.45

  • Fixed a bug that caused user selection to be deselected when C&M is in the background

December 26, 2022 v4.30.35

  • Fixed a bug that files cannot be opened correctly when receiving only attachments from the browser version.

November 30, 2022 v4.30.32

  • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting a part of a repeatedly registered schedule.

November 07, 2022 v4.30.27

  • Resolved an issue where the desktop version would freeze when logging in to the cloud for web conferencing if a separate web application was installed.
  • Other minor corrections

09/04/2022 v4.30.08

  • Defective shutter-down process addressed
  • Setup exe digitally signed

May 12, 2022 v4.28.16

  • Fixed a bug that offline users may not be displayed in the shared chat for LAN.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving my notes in the user information dialog.

04/18/2022 v4.28.10

  • Fixed a bug in the CAMServer environment for LAN that the tab settings of the messenger user of the premium function are cleared when the application is launched.

02/05/2022 v4.27.22

  • Fixed a bug in the paid environment of the cloud that the tab settings of the messenger user of the premium function are cleared when the application is launched.

October 14, 2021 v4.26.01

  • Addressing the issue of receiving duplicate messages when absent, which is very rare.

September 15, 2021 v 4.25.17

  • Non-participating chat rooms will only prompt you to join the chat room if you are explicitly invited to do so by the chat room creator.
  • Resolved an issue where pop-up notifications would not appear if the PC resolution was changed when changing the display location of pop-up notifications.

July 14, 2021

  • v4.24.03 Issue a temporary URL, no need to register for the other side's account. Web Conference The "I" can do the "I" can do the "I" can do the "I" can do the "I".Quick Web Conferenceis now also available in the desktop version.
    • Available with On-Premise Enterprise and Cloud Standard or higher licenses
    • Plans other than the above (On-Premise Standard, Free Edition, etc.) are available for trial use
    • For trial use, you can use our server for a relayed web conference.
    • On-Premise EnterpriseStart video serverHowever, when using the LAN model, CAMServer v4.24.03 or higher is required.
      note (supplementary information) symbol When Chat&Messenger is restarted after starting the video server, the web conference URL becomes the CAMServer host URL and is generated
  • v4.25.01 Resolved an issue that prevented users from joining a Web conference from a LAN using a standard browser.
  • v4.23.65 Fixed bugs related to font decoration
  • v4.23.62 Offline sending to CAMServer now permanently saves option settings when transferring to CAMServer