What is Groupware? Let's understand the purpose and basic functions before introducing it.


Many companies are already using groupware.

In recent years, many companies have been using groupware. As it is no longer uncommon in the business world, many companies want to introduce groupware in the future. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to find managers and staff members who want to introduce groupware but do not understand it.

If you want to know the basics before implementing groupware, please read on.

What are the basic functions of the groupware?

Groupware is a generic term for software, services, and tools that can facilitate information sharing and communication within a company.

Many groupware implement the following features

Additionally, some groupware products include functions for reserving in-house facilities and video conferencing functions. All of these functions are designed to facilitate information sharing and communication within the company.

Groupware can be said to be a tool packed with functions to facilitate smooth communication within a company.

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Smooth information sharing is the greatest advantage.

The greatest advantage of groupware is its outstandingly smooth information sharing. The larger the size of the company, the more difficult communication becomes. It is not easy to smoothly organize the information of each person, even when working on a single project.

Many of you have probably had to contact participating members by e-mail or other means just to schedule a meeting, and then struggled to make the necessary adjustments. Even if you have managed to adjust the schedule, there are times when sudden plans come up and you have to reschedule the meeting. ......

With groupware, each person's schedule can be viewed at a glance, so meetings can be coordinated immediately. If you want people to look over the materials to be used in the meeting in advance, you can also share information using the file sharing function.

With groupware, you can consolidate almost all workflows in your company and easily share information.

Information must be properly managed.

Groupware is an excellent tool for centralizing information within a company. That said, it is the information management that must be taken care of.

Because information within the company is centralized, if information is accidentally leaked, the damage could be catastrophic. Sharing information that is not necessary to the wrong person can cause trouble within the company.

Also, because so much information is exchanged, there is a possibility that important information may be missed. This is a risk that can occur no matter which tool is used, but because it consolidates company information, it is necessary to manage information more thoroughly.

Groupware and business chat have different functions.

In recent years, as well as groupware,Business Chat(in-house social networking service) has also become widespread. What are the differences between these two services?

Groupware has functions for schedule management and attendance management, such as those introduced earlier. Business chat, however, does not have these functions.

Business chat is equipped with chat functions, as well as community functions and message posting, and plays a role similar to that of a social networking service. These functions are also attractive features not found in groupware.

The roles of groupware, which includes attendance management, workflow management, and even video conferencing functions, and business chat, which specializes in community and messaging like a social networking service, are very different.

Groupware is suitable for promoting information sharing throughout the company, and business chat is suitable for specializing in communication, so it is advisable to use the service according to the needs of your company.

Understand groupware to facilitate business operations

We have explained four things you must know before implementing groupware. Groupware is an excellent communication tool that facilitates the sharing of company information. The many functions it offers will allow you to centralize information and conduct business efficiently. Please introduce the product that best suits your company.