Why "Web Conferencing" and Why Web Conferencing?


What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing is a system that allows multiple staff members at distant locations to meet via the Internet.

When you hear the word "meeting," what do you think of? In the past, meetings were held at a set time, in a reserved meeting room, and with all attendees in the same room.

In recent years, however, with the increasing speed and capacity of the Internet, it has become possible to hold meetings face to face over the Web. Incidentally, a method similar to web conferencing is video conferencing. The same thing can be done with remote conferencing, but a special device for videoconferencing is required for videoconferencing.

Although not as easy as web conferencing, the quality of video and audio is relatively high, and is often used for executive meetings.

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What are the advantages of web conferencing?

Let's get to know web conferencing in more depth. Here are some of the benefits of web conferencing.

Reduced travel expenses

Conventional meetings require travel to the site, but with web conferencing, there is no need to go out of your way.This greatly reduces travel costs.

Meetings can be held at any location

As long as you have a computer or tablet, you can then participate in meetings from anywhere, inside or outside the company, as long as you set a time.Significant reductions in travel time can be expected.

Easy information sharing

Web conferencing is conducted using a computer or tablet, so files, messages, and other information can be shared on the spot. Information can be shared instantly while discussing, facilitating the meeting.

Smooth communication

Compared to e-mail, web conferencing allows you to talk like you would on the phone. Also, compared to telephone calls, web conferencing allows you to communicate with more information because you can see the other person's facial expressions while you are talking.

Easy to introduce

While videoconferencing requires specialized equipment, web conferencing is relatively easy to implement because all you need is a computer to get started.For example, a start-up company that has not yet raised funds may benefit greatly from web conferencing because of its low cost of implementation.

What are the disadvantages of web conferencing?

Although web conferencing is full of advantages, especially in terms of cost and time savings, it also has its share of disadvantages.

Know the disadvantages of web conferencing and take countermeasures in advance so that you can enjoy more benefits after the introduction.

Difficulty reading the atmosphere during meetings

Web conferencing is conducted between people at a distance. It is not a complete face to face meeting, and information about the other party's behavior and posture is also missing, making it difficult to get a sense of the meeting.

It is advisable to use web conferencing and traditional conferencing for both working-level and executive-level meetings.

Advance preparation is required

Equipment malfunctions, poor connections, microphone feedback, and other problems can prevent a web conference from proceeding smoothly if you are not familiar with the system. If you are conducting a web conference for the first time, you should definitely verify this before doing so.

Web conferencing is a leading cost-cutting measure

Web conferencing is not a panacea, but it remains one of the most cost-effective meeting methods. We hope you have found it to be a tool that, when used well, can significantly reduce costs in terms of expenses and travel time.

Web conferencing has the potential to be the best tool for companies that need to meet both speed and severe cost requirements, especially for start-up ventures.

Many services come with a free trial, so we recommend that those interested try them first!