Compare groupware for free schedule and task management


Free scheduling and task management groupware

Can streamline operations Groupware includes a wide variety of functions. Among them, scheduling and task management functions are often provided.

Also, people think that groupware is all about paid products, but that is not true. There are free groupware products that are easy to use for scheduling and task management.

In this article, we will compare free groupware for scheduling and task management, so that you can "get the most out of yourI would like to use free groupware."Want to improve scheduling and task management to make their work more efficientIf you are a "yes" person, please take a look at this page.

Free Groupware Product Comparison


This groupware integrates business chat, videoconferencing, file sharing, scheduling, meeting room reservations, capturing, and sticky notes in an easy-to-use format, and is available for free.

No account registration or difficult configuration is required.

The schedule is synchronized between desktop and mobile devices, so you can quickly check today's schedule even when you are on the move, such as on the way to work. In addition, business chat and calendar are seamlessly linked, so you can quickly register your schedule and tasks from the chat messages you receive.

Vendor: Chat&Messenger Inc.

Key features: business chat, calendar, video calls, meeting room reservations, bulletin board, file sharing, etc.


GRIDY is a groupware with more than 20 different functions. Despite being a free groupware, the product is equipped with a wide variety of functions. With an unlimited number of users and unlimited capacity, it is a groupware that you would not believe is free.

It features the ability to set up administrators for the entire groupware as well as for each group. Since they can be set individually, they will be very easy to manage. Data communication encryption and access restriction functions are also available, creating a highly secure environment. Therefore, it is possible to share groupware information with companies outside the company. Despite being free of charge, it can be said to be a groupware with substantial functions.

Vendor: Knowledge Suite, Inc.

Key functions (other than scheduling and tasks): email, messages, time cards, workflow, etc.

Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a cloud-based groupware developed in the U.S. and now used in Japan. The manual creation function is very useful because it makes it easy to share communicated information and know-how to the entire company.

The task function, which is the subject of this article, as well as events, chat, and other communication tools can be combined into a single channel, reducing stress caused by communication. It is ideal for facilitating communication in the vehicle, making it a groupware that is truly suited for the business scene.

While Zoho Connect is free, it comes with some limitations. The number of channels and groups is not as extensive as the paid plans. However, small to medium-sized companies should be satisfied with the free plan.

Vendor: Zoho Japan Co.

Key features (other than schedules and tasks): chat, bulletin board, file sharing, manuals, etc.


iQube is another cloud-based groupware that can be used free of charge by up to 10 users. By using iQube, you can create a company where information does not belong to a single person.

In 2011 and 2012, iQube won the Best Service Award in the Nikkei Computer Cloud Ranking for two consecutive years. iQube is also attractive because more than 9,000 companies have implemented iQube.

Vendor: GAIAX Corporation

Key features (other than schedules and tasks): messages, file sharing, workflow, time cards, etc.

e-Broad office

e-Broad Office is a groupware featuring internal information confirmation and sharing. It has a full range of functions to access internal information such as bulletin board, user list, enrollment confirmation, address book, and so on. Naturally, it is also equipped with convenient functions for business scenes, such as schedule management and task management. This groupware provides a full range of services that are indispensable for company operations.

Vendor: eBroad Communications, Inc.

Major functions (other than schedules and tasks): bulletin board, time cards, message memos, user directory, etc.

Use good groupware for free!

We have described free groupware that can manage schedules and tasks. Even if free, there are convenient groupware that can manage schedules and tasks. Groupware with other functions that take advantage of the features of each product will make your business more efficient. First, let's introduce free groupware.