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In recent years, it is not unusual to see more and more companies implementing groupware. Many companies will continue to introduce groupware in the future. However, there are some companies that are not willing to consider introducing groupware. The concern of such companies is the cost.

However, groupware services are not limited to paid products. There is also free groupware available. If you want to introduce groupware but are concerned about the cost, or if you want to use a free service, please take a look.


Chat&Messenger is groupware that integrates business chat, web conferencing, file sharing, schedule management, document management, conference room reservation, and attendance management in an easy-to-use manner. Perfect security for businesses,Available for free!

Vendor: Chat&Messenger Inc.

Main functions: business chat, web conferencing, schedule, task management, facility reservation, document management, attendance management, etc.


GroupSession is a highly functional groupware that can be used for free. It is a software with an unlimited number of users that aims to promote information sharing among companies and organizations, and supports "work style reforms" such as improving productivity and introducing telework. GroupSession has a variety of functions such as "schedule", "facility reservation", "bulletin board", "approval (workflow)", and "presence management". By using these functions, you can adjust schedules and locations, wait for workflow approval, etc. This leads to increased work efficiency.

You can choose from three types of GroupSession. The free version with high functionality and unlimited users is suitable for companies or departments with fewer than 300 people, those new to groupware, or those who don't want to compromise on functionality without spending a lot of money. I am. In addition, other options such as cloud-based and enterprise ZION are also available, and you can choose according to your needs.

Vendor: Japan Total System Co., Ltd.

Main functions: schedule, bulletin board, facility reservation, file sharing, daily report, chat, etc.


Stock is another well-known groupware that is available free of charge. The service is free for an indefinite period of time, but paid plans are also available. With a paid plan, this groupware allows for enhanced management functions and increased capacity.

Using chat tools, while convenient, can cause conversations to flow. It is not uncommon for file sharing functions to be inaccessible; Stock is so simple that information can be shared easily, reducing communication stress. Because information is stocked in the form of notes, information does not flow like it does in chat or file sharing functions. Tasks can also be easily used by linking them to the notebook. The two functions of "team information stock" and "task management" can be used without stress.

Vendor: Link Live Co.

Key features: information stock, tasks, automatic email forwarding, preview, prevention of accidental deletion, etc.

Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a free groupware developed in the United States and landed in Japan. It is a cloud-based groupware with many business-oriented applications. The service has a convenient manual creation function that makes it easy to share know-how and communicated items throughout the company.

It also allows you to combine separate communication tools such as chat, tasks, and events into one channel. It is the perfect groupware to facilitate communication.

Zoho Connect is free to use, but the number of channels and groups is limited. However, for smaller companies, the free plan should be sufficient.

Vendor: Zoho Japan Co.

Key features: chat, bulletin board, calendar, tasks, file sharing, manuals, etc.


GRIDY is an attractive groupware with unlimited users and capacity, and with over 20 functions, it is a very versatile service for a free groupware.

It is easy to manage because administrators can be set for each group as well as the groupware administrator. It has data communication encryption and access restriction functions, making it a highly secure environment, so it can be shared with companies outside the company. Although it is free, this is an excellent groupware that can be used both inside and outside the company.

Vendor: Knowledge Suite, Inc.

Key features: email, messages, calendar, time cards, workflow, etc.

Groupware is a free product that helps improve business efficiency

We have introduced four free groupware services. People tend to think that groupware is only a service with a paid plan, but that is not true. As introduced in this article, there are groupware services that are free but have many functions.

When introducing groupware for the first time, you may feel uneasy about suddenly using a paid plan. Also, in some cases, companies with a small number of users may have only a limited number of functions they are looking for. In such cases, try introducing free groupware. Even free groupware should be able to improve business efficiency.