What is web conference/video call/teleconferencing? A thorough explanation of the differences!



It is no longer unusual to see videoconferencing, web conferencing, and video calling in the business world these days. With the advance of globalization and teleworking, they are being used as convenient tools for communication regardless of distance.

Groupware, which has been increasingly introduced into companies in recent years, also offers videoconferencing, web conferencing, and video calling. They are recognized as indispensable functions in the business scene.

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Differences between video conferencing, web conferencing, and video calling


Are you thinking that videoconferencing and web conferencing are the same function? They are the same in the sense that they are teleconferences, but they are strictly different.

Videoconferencing requires a dedicated videoconferencing equipment. The other party also needs a dedicated videoconferencing equipment, and hardware preparation is required for videoconferencing. For this reason, dedicated videoconferencing equipment is generally installed in a conference room.

Video conferencing is often used for important meetings such as negotiations with outside parties or executive meetings. Although dedicated hardware is required, the sound and video quality is high, and connectivity is excellent. It can be operated with a remote control just like a TV, so there is no need to use a computer. Even during long meetings, you will not feel stressed. The disadvantage is that the installation cost is high and cannot be customized.

Web conferencing/video calling

Web conferencing/video calling, on the other hand, requires only a device such as a computer or tablet and the Internet to participate in a meeting. Since no large-scale hardware equipment is required, the introduction cost is low and easy to use.

Web conferencing and video calls are often used for regular meetings and for sharing documents because of their ease of use. They are also used for meetings with remote employees and client representatives.

Web conferencing and video calling are used by many users because they require only a computer and Internet access and are inexpensive to implement.

When used only with a browser, it is sometimes called "web conferencing," and when also used with a smartphone application, it is often called "video calling.

The term "videoconferencing" has become widespread in the business world.

The differences between videoconferencing, web conferencing, and video calling have been explained. However, both are often used to mean teleconferencing. Even when introduced as videoconferencing, it often actually refers to web conferencing.One reason may be that videoconferencing is more prevalent as a term than web conferencing.

Why are video conferencing and video calls being introduced?

Why are so many companies adopting video conferencing and video calling?

This is due to changes in the business scene. Since the wave of globalization in Japan, many Japanese companies have also started doing business overseas. Telephone calls alone are not sufficient for communication between local subsidiaries and the head office in Japan. This is where videoconferencing and video calling come into play.

In addition, the working environment in Japan is changing due to reforms in the way people work. An increasing number of companies are allowing remote work, where employees work from home or other locations without coming into the office. Even when working from home, it is not unusual for meetings to occur. In such cases, web conferencing makes it possible to hold meetings as if you were in a company conference room.

Thus, changes in the business scene and working environment have made videoconferencing and video calling widely popular in business settings.

Groupware offers video calling capabilities.

Some groupware products have teleconferencing and web conferencing teleconferencing capabilities. Some groupware says it has videoconferencing capabilities, but to be precise, it has web conferencing capabilities.

Groupware offers a wide range of functions to improve business efficiency. It integrates tools such as task management, schedule management, and e-mail functions that are indispensable in daily business. Web conferencing functions, which are indispensable in today's business scene, are also built into groupware; if you want to use web conferencing, groupware is the way to go.