Compare free business chat and group chat


Compare free business chat and group chat

This article describes free business chat and group chat tools.

Business chat tools are increasingly seen in the business world. In recent years, many companies have adopted these tools as an alternative communication tool to e-mail.

When it comes to business tools, you may have the image that only paid plans are available. However, free business chat tools are appearing one after another.

There are many free but high-quality business chat tools available, so if you are a company representative or manager with communication challenges, please take a look.

Business chat tools with free plans


Chat&Messenger is groupware that integrates business chat, web conferencing, file sharing, schedule management, document management, conference room reservation, and attendance management in an easy-to-use manner. Perfect security for businesses,Available for free!


Skype allows you to instant message, voice and video call anyone in the world for free. Web conferencing can connect up to 250 people.


Chatwork is developed and provided by a Japanese company, so it is an easy-to-use service for Japanese people. In addition to sending messages to each other via chat, it is also possible to manage tasks. In addition to the chat function, voice and video calls are supported. With all these features available for free, this service is not only popular among companies, but also among freelancers and other professionals.

IP Messenger

IP Messenger is a free software application that automatically recognizes members of the same LAN network within a company and allows clients to easily exchange information with each other in real time. By sending a packet called a broadcast to the LAN, it searches for other PCs running IP Messenger and automatically recognizes users.

Wantedly Chat

Wantedly has become famous for its recruiting service and is often used by IT companies, etc. Wantedly also offers a business chat tool, Wantedly Chat, which can be integrated with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Trello, the famous task management tool. Wantedly Chat can be integrated with Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Trello, a well-known task management tool. Wantedly Chat is a versatile business chat tool that allows you to streamline your business by using the integration features.


It has a full range of functions for integration with various applications and external tools such as Google. The free "Free Plan" has a limit on the number of past messages that can be searched, and it seems that you can only browse for about 1-2 months. File storage is limited to 5 GB per user. There are two paid plans, the "Standard Plan" and the "Plus Plan," and the "Standard Plan" costs 850 yen per user per month (tax not included).

Workplace by Facebook

Facebook is an SNS that has grown to the point where it is used all over the world. Workplace by Facebook is a business chat tool provided by Facebook. Steps to post and like! is the same as Facebook, so few people will be confused.

People who are not IT literate can be confused when using business chat tools, but with Workplace by Facebook, you don't need to worry about that. Although there is a restriction that you must register with a company email address, it is an excellent service that does not require training costs for introducing a business chat tool.

Business chat tools that you can try for free

This is a business chat tool that can be tried for free for a certain period of time. If you wish to continue using the service, you will need to move to a paid plan.


Tocaro is a business chat tool designed to help teams work more concisely. It is a tool that contributes to business efficiency, not only by chatting, but also by providing a task management function. Tasks can be linked to messages, making it easy to keep track of task history. It is a multifunctional business chat tool that automatically organizes and manages internal and external contacts and stores access logs. It is available for free on a trial basis.


InCircle is a business chat tool that not only allows you to chat, but also manages business cards, schedules, and documents. It is a unique service that allows chatbots to perform these tasks for you. Since it is a business chat tool that utilizes chatbots, they take the place of people and perform communication automatically. Sending and receiving images, videos, and files are also possible, of course. It is a business chat tool that reduces routine work. 30-day trial is available for free.

Many business chat tools are free but excellent products.

We have introduced a number of free business chat tools. There are many excellent free business chat tools, each with its own features.

Business chat tools can help reduce stress at work because they don't have the hassles of email. If you are looking to improve communication, consider implementing a free business chat tool to get started.