Summary of solutions! Causes and solutions for audio and video interruptions during web conferences

In the modern business environment,Web conferencing and video calls is essential as a daily communication tool. Problems with video and audio interruptions during meetings are an obstacle to effective communication.

There are many different causes of interruptions, and each cause has its own unique solution.

In this article, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the common causes of video and audio interruptions during web conferences, and specific measures to resolve them.

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Slow network communication speeds result in poor quality.

There are many disadvantages if the network communication speed is slow when using web conferencing. If you don't know why the quality deteriorates due to slow network communication speeds, here are three things to start with.

No image is displayed.

The ability to display images well is largely dependent on the communication speed. The faster the communication speed, the more information can be processed. If the communication speed is slow, the communication cannot keep up with the exchange of information, and the image will not be displayed. Not only will you not be able to see your own images, but the other party's images will not be displayed either.The communication speed of the network is critical to keep both sides displaying images correctly.

I get disconnected during a web conference.

Web conferences are held remotely from each location, but since they are conferences, they must proceed smoothly. If the communication speed is slow or the network quality is poor, the web conference will be disconnected. If someone is disconnected while someone is speaking in a web conference, the conference will not start.

How to measure network communication speed

There are many ways to measure your network speed, but the easiest way is to visit a website. You can check the communication speed of your network environment by visiting the following site.

You can check the communication speed regardless of your computer's OS or device, so you can easily check the network status at your office, home, or a cafe you frequent.

How to improve network communication speed

Wired LAN is faster than wireless LAN

Do you know which is more comfortable for communication, using wireless LAN or wired LAN? Wireless LAN can be used in any location without stress. Therefore, many people may not use wired LAN. However, wired LAN has better communication speed than wireless LAN.

It's true that wireless LAN is very convenient because you can carry your computer anywhere you like and work on it. However, if you need a comfortable network environment such as a web conference, using a wired LAN will allow the conference to proceed smoothly without causing any trouble. If the network environment is important, a wired LAN is recommended.

It is also important to persuade superiors to improve the network environment

If the network environment is poor and there is a problem with web conferencing, consult and persuade your superior to improve the communication environment. If audio and video are interrupted, you will not be able to fully utilize web conferencing.

The lifeblood of web conferencing is audio and video. If these are being affected, it is important to review the network environment and create an environment where meetings can proceed comfortably. If you want to conduct web conferences comfortably, sometimes you need to persuade your boss to improve the network environment.

Nowadays, the standard speed of a Wi-Fi router is about 300 Mbps, and if it is less than that, it is more cost-effective to replace the router with a new one.