Compare free web and video conferencing tools


Compare free videoconferencing and video calling tools

Meeting methods are changing as work style reform and remote work become more prevalent. Video conferencing, web conferencing, and video calling tools enable meetings with employees at multiple locations or from home. These tools are available in paid versions as well as free products.

We will compare five such free products. "I want to implement videoconferencing/video calling tools"I want to know about free videoconferencing and video calling tools.If you are a manager or person in charge of a business called "I'm a manager or person in charge of a business.


Chat&Messenger is groupware that integrates business chat, web conferencing, file sharing, schedule management, document management, conference room reservation, and attendance management in an easy-to-use manner. Perfect security for businesses,Available for free!


Skype is the leading videoconferencing and video calling tool. Many people probably use Skype in their private lives. Since the interface is the same, even employees with low IT literacy should be able to use Skype with relatively little stress.

You can get a Skype account completely free of charge. You can use your Internet connection to conduct web conferences with other Skype users around the world, from any device that has Skype installed. It is multi-device compatible, so you can use Skype not only from your computer, but also from your tablet or smartphone. The audio and video quality is also good, making it an excellent tool.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a web video conferencing service provided by Google for businesses. You don't need to install any software and can join a video conference from anywhere as long as you have a browser and an internet connection.

There is a free version and a paid version, and the service content varies depending on the price and plan. The free version has a maximum time limit of 24 hours for one-on-one sessions with two participants. For 3 or more people, the maximum time is 60 minutes.


Chatwork is a famous business chat tool. The number of companies introducing Chatwork has been increasing in recent years. Chatwork's functionality is not limited to chatting. In fact, it also has voice and video call functions.

Tablets and smartphones only allow voice calls, but multi-device support is also supported. Please note that with Chatwork's free plan, you can only make calls to one person. It has a business partnership with KDDI and is working to strengthen security, so it can be said to be a reliable video conferencing/web conferencing tool.


Zoom is a video conferencing/web conferencing tool that is currently attracting attention. To install it, you will need to create an account and install Zoom, but both are free. It also supports multiple devices.

A feature of Zoom is that it issues a URL for meetings. The person hosting the meeting creates a conference room on Zoom and shares the URL with the participants. Participants can join the meeting by accessing the URL. You can use it for free with up to 100 people, and unlimited one-on-one calls. Although there is a 40-minute limit for meetings with three or more people, this is not a huge disadvantage.

Zoom is not only a videoconferencing and web conferencing tool, but also a multifunctional business tool. It is a useful product that offers chat, screen sharing, whiteboard, and other functions. Although you can use a variety of features if you subscribe to a paid plan, the free plan is also an attractive videoconferencing and webconferencing tool. is a convenient tool that eliminates the hassle of video conferencing and web conferencing. The feature of is that there is no need to create an account. You don't even need to download an app.

Just like with Zoom, you can conduct a video conference or web conference by simply sending the meeting URL. Being able to start a meeting right away without any hassle is a big advantage.

For the free plan, the maximum number of users available is four. There are some limitations, such as screen sharing is limited to 20 minutes. It is recommended to use this plan when you want to start videoconferencing and web conferencing easily.

Many videoconferencing and web conferencing tools are free but excellent products

We have compared video conferencing and web conferencing tools that are available for free. The five video conferencing/web conferencing tools introduced in this article are products that are often used in today's business situations.

You may want to choose a communication tool based on whether it can be used with the account you use on a daily basis, and how many people you want to have in a meeting. Make full use of video conferencing and web conferencing tools to have a stress-free meeting.