Which VPN is recommended for on-premises (groupware/web conferencing) operation?

In this article, we will discuss the use of on-premises Groupware, ,Business Chat, ,video call Here are some VPN recommendations that you should know when using

Although cloud-based servers and software are increasingly being deployed in the business world these days, there are many needs that prioritize security and want to operate on-premise.

Therefore, we will explain the basics of on-premise, what to look out for, and recommended VPNs. If you are using business chat or groupware and are concerned about security, or want to know the recommended VPNs, please read on.


VPN required for on-premise operation between locations

VPN is required to operate on-premise groupware, business chat, web conferencing, and other services between corporate locations.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a technology that uses an Internet connection to create a private network that connects remote locations with a virtual private line, and can be connected to an internal LAN.

VPNs are mainly used for connections between locations, and are characterized by the fact that they provide a secure connection as if you were communicating to your own network.

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Difference between Internet VPN and IP-VPN

For VPN,Internet Virtual Private Network and ... and IP-VPN There are several types of services, including the following two, which are important to know if you are going to operate your services on-premise.

Internet Virtual Private Network

  • Internet VPN" is to construct a virtual intra-organizational network using the Internet.
  • Communication path is encrypted by IPsec etc.
  • VPN is inexpensive, but the speed and quality of the connection depends on the Internet environment used.
  • There are two types of VPN connections: LAN-to-LAN VPN, which connects corporate LANs (intranets), and Remote Access VPN, which allows individuals to connect to the corporate network from home or on a business trip. Remote access VPN connections require the installation of dedicated client software.


  • IP-VPN is a connection method using a telecommunications carrier's closed IP network network
  • Cost is more expensive, but security and communication quality is high because it does not involve the Internet.

Difference between star and mesh type

VPNs are classified into two main types: mesh VPNs, which directly connect all of the locations to each other, and star VPNs, which use a single location as a hub.

The mesh type is not load intensive, but the number of VPN tunnels to be established increases as the number of locations grows.

The star type can reduce the number of VPN tunnels, but the load on the center router is greater, etc. Each seems to have its own advantages and disadvantages.

For more details and conceptual drawings,How to set up a VPN between multiple locations with a VPN router, ,Internet VPN created by Yamaha Router is easy to understand.

The recommended VPN is

IT Trend VPN Ranking You may also want to compare and request information at

SoftBank (Japanese telecommunications company)

SoftBank, a well-known cell phone carrier, also offers VPN, with no initial cost and a monthly fee of only 300 yen (excluding tax) per user. The peace of mind of being provided by a well-known major company is also an added value.

TOKAI Communications Inc.

One Office Safegate also offers the industry's lowest-cost Internet VPN. The initial fee is 30,000 yen, but the monthly fee is 300 yen (excluding tax) per user. 60-day free trial period is available, so you can try it out.

Alteria Networks, Inc.

If you want to use IP-VPN, ARTERIA Hikari Closed VPN Access is recommended. Despite the IP-VPN service, the monthly fee starts at 36,000 yen (tax not included). It is a great advantage to be able to use a connection service that does not involve the Internet at a relatively low cost.


We have explained recommended VPNs that you should know when using business chat, video conferencing, and groupware in an on-premises environment.
Since confidential information is sometimes handled in business situations, compare Internet VPN and IP-VPN to obtain a secure communication environment.