Cloud Mobile


Cloud Mobile

By using the Chat&Messenger cloud service, users can be automatically recognized by email domain and seamlessly link between mobile devices, offices, and companies.

Also,Telework recommended in the reform of work styles The important thing in the teleworking environment is to create an environment that improves productivity for all staff members, regardless of their location or working style. Chat&Messenger Cloud Service" can realize such telework.

Business Chat
Web Conference
Web Conference
Online Negotiations
calender (machine for flattening things)
document management
attendance management
Mobile Collaboration

The cloud and mobile services can be used for large file transfers or when handling confidential information on-premise (LAN-only) as in the past, and for use outside the office, such as at a sales location or teleworking.

Cloud version allows video calls between desktop and mobile devices

Based on the concept of allowing you to easily join later anytime, anywhere, we support one-on-one video calls as well as group video calls with multiple people.

Mobile supports switching between in-camera and out-camera. For example, when making a video call from a smartphone, you can use the out-camera to transmit images of a construction site, warehouse, or nursing care facility to the site, and make calls while showing external images. You can also.

Web Conference
screen sharing

System design with emphasis on security for corporate customers

Chat&Messenger cloud service is designed with security in mind.

Many similar services are called Multi-tenant model Therefore, data from different companies are stored in the same DB in a mixed state. Chat&Messenger Cloud, on the other hand,All plans have application and DB isolated from other companies on a company-by-company basis. Single-tenant model The service will be provided in the following

This allows for strong encryption of DB/uploaded files with individual encryption keys specified by the company.


It is characterized by the following points

  • Free email is not availableThe IT department uses the service with the agreement using the organization's email.
    Email authentication is performed when an account is created with the above email.
  • Strongly encrypt DB/attachments individually with user-specified encryption keys
    Public key cryptography with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Build independent server applications for each organizational unit
  • Encrypted communication over https
  • Subdomain can be assigned to
    Example) https://***
  • Some secure information, such as passwords, is stored securely by stretching it an enormous number of times with irreversible encryption, in addition to individual DB encryption.
    Irreversible encryption: An encryption method in which the original text cannot be recovered.
  • In addition to the DB's encryption function, emails and names that need to be displayed in the application are stored with multiple encryption using a dedicated encryption key for each organization.
  • User Management Functions
    Administrators can delete users who have left the company.
  • IP address restrictions on access terminals

How do I use it in an on-premise environment?

On-premise CAMServer Mobile collaboration is possible in an in-house on-premise environment by introducing

Suitable for the following workplaces

Consider implementing Chat&Messenger Cloud in the following work environments

  • I want Chat&Messenger to support remote offices and teleworkers.
  • Mobile (Android / iOS) I want to link
  • I want to have videoconferencing between locations while reducing the cost of VPN connections.
  • There is no one who can maintain the CAMServer, so we would like to outsource the operation to us.
  • Business chat, file sharing, and video conferencing among subsidiaries, group companies, and other companies

License application (free plan available)

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