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Premium / Business Premium

Premium Edition is a paid version of Chat&Messenger and is categorized into Premium (annual subscription) and Business Premium (perpetual), which is a higher edition.
Business Premium offers higher-level features around video calls.

Chat&Messenger Cloudor CAMServer are automatically upgraded to Business Premium.

Business Premium

In addition to regular Premium, Business Premium offers the following features

Note: If you have a meeting with multiple people or if you are mainly sharing documents, you can use the current Web Conference We recommend the following
  • Voice/video calls and desktop sharing
    Business Premium allows for comfortable voice and video calls. Voice calls can accommodate up to 10 people, depending on the environment, and are carried out over a LAN, so no Internet connection is required.

    Business Premium is required for calls with multiple people.
  • High-resolution full screen, video conferencing
    Specialized in videoconferencing, highest FullHD resolution, full screen mode requires Business Premium.

    Resolutions above 640x320 require Business Premium
  • Remote assistance with screen sharing
    If you check the "Allow remote operation" checkbox after sharing your screen, you can use the remote assistant function that allows the other party to control your screen with the mouse and keyboard. You can ask the other party to remotely fix your computer settings while you are talking on the phone, or you can ask the other party to explain the operation in an easy-to-understand manner while sharing the screen.


  • Unlimited number of chat rooms can be created
    The free version allows a maximum of 5 chat rooms in total.
    Premium license allows unlimited creation.
  • group hierarchical display
    Displays the user list hierarchically by group.
    In addition to specifying the display order for each group, you can also specify the group to ``send messages,'' ``search logs,'' and ``search for vacancies and make schedule reservations.'' This can be very useful in environments with a large number of users.
  • Quickly capture logs

    You can quickly import logs and specify how many days of logged messages to include in the message pane when Chat&Messenger is restarted.
  • Manage designated users in Messenger in a separate tab
    You can manage specified users in a separate tab and send/receive messages to/from them. The usability will be outstanding.
  • Comfortable log search
    The following log search features are available in the Premium Edition

    • View logs older than 3 months
    • High-speed extraction of only the send/receive logs of the target user
    • Open attachments directly from log search
  • Find availability and schedule reservations
    The time schedules of members in a group or chat room can be displayed, allowing users to efficiently schedule appointments in their free time.
    *The free edition also limits the number of users to 5 for sharing schedules and to-dos, but there is no limit for the premium edition.
  • Painting on captured images
    Painting on captured images
    Captured images can be highlighted with paint and immediately attached and sent. This facilitates review and other exchanges.
  • Encrypted file transfer function

    Internet Virtual Private Network is used between locations in some cases, but we suggest using it for file transfers, especially those involving highly sensitive data.
    There are often cases where a password is applied when sending an e-mail and the password is sent later, but this is quite inconvenient and it is unnatural to send the password by e-mail.
    This encrypted file transfer function is unique in that it uses public key cryptography and does not transmit any common key (password in the case of e-mail) over the network. Users will not experience any inconvenience despite the strong encryption.
  • Automatic backup function

    Back up various Chat&Messenger data. There are two methods for backing up: automatic backup and one-time manual backup.
    To avoid data loss due to human error, file corruption, disk failure, forced software termination, etc.
    We recommend that business users back up their various data.
    For more information, see "Backup SettingsSee "The

Definition of License

Premium Editions are available for a fee. Below is the definition of the license.

Definition of license:

  • The price of one license is 2,400 yen per year for Premium and 10,000 yen for Business Premium for an unlimited period. (*Transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.)
  • Premium features are also available with Business Premium.
  • The license is granted to the user, and the same license key can be transferred in case of PC failure.

Premium Edition Purchase Process

From the purchase of the Premium Edition to the deployment of the license file, the following three steps are required.


Business Premium
Please fill out the required information on the edition's purchase application page to apply.
After you apply, we will send you a quote (PDF version) that includes the bank account for the transfer.
Please transfer the amount to the designated account.

We will send you the license key by e-mail once the transfer is completed and confirmed by us.

2. registration of license key

Please register your license key as follows

3. activation of Premium Edition

After placing the license file, restart Chat&Messenger. The Premium notation will be added to the title bar.

You can also check the expiration date of the Premium Edition in the "Help" menu => "Information".

Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions