Five points to keep in mind when implementing groupware!


Five points to keep in mind when implementing groupware!

The use of IT in the office has been rapidly increasing in recent years. The emphasis is on the office environment, and IT products are being introduced to streamline traditionally wasteful tasks.

Groupware is gaining attention for improving internal business efficiency. A variety of groupware products have appeared on the market, giving companies a wide range of options to choose from.

However, there are companies that have introduced groupware but have not been able to improve the efficiency of their operations.

This article explains the five key points to know before implementing the system, and should be read by any manager or person in charge who is considering implementing the system.

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Clarify the purpose and goals of implementing groupware

Groupware is a very useful product. It facilitates information sharing and smooth communication within a company. However, simply introducing it will not be effective. If the purpose is not clear, you will be satisfied with just introducing it.

Be clear about what you want to achieve as a company by implementing groupware. It is also important to set goals. By quantifying the goals you set and comparing the results before and after the introduction of the groupware, you will be able to understand the effectiveness of the groupware. To avoid being satisfied with just the introduction of the system, make sure to set objectives and goals.

Are the opinions of the field reflected?

When promoting internal business efficiency, it is often a top-down approach by the president or management team. Of course, it is the management team that decides the company policy, but it is the front-line employees who actually use the groupware to do their daily work. Introducing groupware that is difficult for front-line employees to use will not improve business efficiency.

Does the groupware you are about to introduce reflect the opinions of your frontline employees? Before making a decision to introduce groupware, let's ask employees on site for their opinions as well.

Is the policy of using groupware pervasive throughout the company?

It is also important that the policy of introducing the product permeates the company as well as the groupware that reflects the opinions of the field. Are the benefits of introducing groupware permeating throughout the company?

Even if a top-down decision is made to introduce groupware, if employees are not highly motivated to use it, it will not be useful as a communication tool. Even if you go to the trouble of introducing groupware, it will be a waste of valuable resources if you continue to use e-mail and SNS as before. Communicating the benefits of groupware to each and every employee will be the key to improving work efficiency.

Is it cost-effective?

Even if groupware can improve business efficiency and promote communication, the company will lose money if the initial and operating costs are not worth it. It is very important to consider whether the initial and operating costs are commensurate with the expected improvement in business efficiency.

There are many different groupware products on the market. Because there are so many choices, it is necessary to determine which product offers the best cost performance. In some cases, the cost can vary greatly just by adding optional functions, so you need to make an accurate decision on whether to choose functions or price. Before you decide to introduce groupware, check its cost performance.

Company-wide or partial implementation

When using groupware, it is important to keep in mind whether to introduce it company-wide or in parts. Since groupware is equipped with various functions, few people will be able to use it immediately. That is why it is risky to introduce it company-wide from the beginning. On the other hand, there may be people who are not sure whether it will be effective even if it is partially introduced.

Whether employees feel that the system is improving work efficiency and promoting communication may vary from person to person. In addition, employees with high IT literacy may be proactive in adopting the system, while those with low IT literacy may rarely use it even after it is adopted company-wide.

Although there are two sides to every story, if you want to reduce the risk of implementation, we recommend that you create a model team that uses the groupware. It is a good idea to start with a small model team and if it is successful, introduce it company-wide. It is important to assess the characteristics of your company and pay attention to the scale of introduction.


We have explained five points to keep in mind when introducing groupware. Groupware, which improves business efficiency, is not always successful if introduced. By paying attention to the five points introduced here, it will facilitate communication after its introduction. Please check this article again before introducing groupware!