How to send via messenger

within a LAN Chat&Messenger, ,IP Messenger You can send messages without discrimination.
See below for instructions on how to send a message.

Send by messenger

If you check "Enclosed," the message will be sent with an open button. You can check whether the other user has seen the message or not.

Opening Message

Receiving, Replying and Quoting in Messenger

When a message is received, a balloon will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop. The balloon will continue to appear until you click on the balloon itself, so you can use it as a marker for incoming messages.

Opening Message
Settings" menu => "Application Preferences" => "BalloonsThe display time and display position can also be customized with the
Can also send standardized messages via messenger.
The incoming message "Reply", "reference” icon to display a pop-up menu of quick messages, allowing you to quickly reply to frequently sent messages.
Click the "Quote" icon to quote the message and reply.

message thread indication

Related messages are automatically threaded. You can also close all of them by collapsing them for a clean look.

Threaded message display
To disable the thread display, turn off "Message Thread Display" in the right-click context menu of the message field. In the case of group chats, on/off is shared on a room-by-room basis.

Manage designated users in Messenger in a separate tab

You can manage designated users in a separate tab and send/receive messages. This is a premium feature, but it makes the experience outstanding.

Manage designated users in Messenger in a separate tab

Search and retrieve logs

The log search is as follows For more information, see "log searchSee "The following is a brief description of the newest version of the product.

Configuration for capturing logs

You can also specify how many days of log messages to include in the message pane when Chat&Messenger is restarted.

Configuration for capturing logs

Create and share messenger groups

You can group users you frequently send messages to and send them in batches. On the Create Messenger Group screen, set the name of the messenger group you wish to create. Check the checkboxes in the "Select" column for the users to be included in the group, and click the "Done" button.

Creating Messenger Groups

To quickly create a messenger group, the following features are available

Creating Messenger Groups
Create group from selected users
Select any user and execute the "Create Group from Selected Users" function from the right-click menu.
Creating Messenger Groups
Create group from sender
It can also be created by using the "Create Group from Sender" function in the Miscellaneous menu of the message pane.
Messenger Group Sharing
Messenger Group Sharing
You can also share a messenger group with your members to create the same group.

Keep track of important messages with a star

You can star a message and search for it efficiently later in the log search.

Add a star to your message

User Search and Sorting

User Search

The user search function allows you to quickly find the desired user.

User Search
Simply enter @ in the input area to display a quick user search.

If you use the "User Name Alphabet Search" extension, you can also search by typing in the alphabet as it is.

User Search
In the User Search dialog, "User Name", "Group Name", and "Email" are searched by incremental search.

To efficiently select the desired user after searching, please refer to the following operation.

  1. Check status can be toggled with a single click (or spacebar) while a record is selected.
  2. You can select all search results by clicking the Ctrl key in the search text box.
  3. Pressing Enter on a record confirms the selection and closes the dialog.

User Sorting

Sorting and priority settings reference

User list output

The user list output function allows you to output detailed information on all users displayed in the user list to Excel. To output the user list, select "File" menu => "Export User List".

PC startup confirmation

Select user ⇒ Right-click on the pop-up menu and select "Maintenance" -> "PC Startup Confirmation" to confirm PC startup for the selected user(s).

This function is used to determine if a user is temporarily offline or not, and the PC startup check function tries "whether or not the user joins or responds to the network", "ping command", and "whether or not name resolution is possible", and if one of these is confirmed, the PC is considered to be running.

Unopened message prevention function

If a message is received and remains unopened, a balloon notification will appear as an alert. By clicking on the balloon, you can jamb to the corresponding recovery notification.

The system is checked every 30 minutes.

Create a message from the editor

The "Create Message from Editor" function allows you to edit and create a message in a text editor that you are familiar with.

Have you ever created a message halfway through, edited it in a text editor, and then pasted it back into the message because it seemed to be getting long? With this function, you can do this smoothly.

After editing the message, when you exit the text editor, it will be pasted within the text area of the input pane.