Software license agreement

Chat & Messenger Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Part 2") provides the customer (hereinafter referred to as "Part 2") with respect to We have granted non-exclusive and non-transferable usage rights in Japan to the packaged software "Chat&Messenger" and "CAMServer" developed by I give permission to

Article 1 (Agreement/License)

If Party A uses this software, whether by installing this software or by any other means, Party A shall be deemed to have agreed to the terms of this agreement. If Party B does not agree to the terms of this agreement, Party B will not grant Party A any use of this software.

Article 2 (Prohibition of transfer, etc.)

Party A shall not transfer the usage rights stipulated in the preceding article to a third party or allow them to use them in any other way without Party B's prior written consent.

Article 3 (Rights of this software)

  1. The title, copyright, and all other intellectual property rights regarding this software (including copies of this software) belong to Party B, and Party A has the right to use this software and its related documents granted based on these terms and conditions. shall have no other rights.
  2. Copyrights and any other intellectual property rights arising when Party B customizes this software (including, but not limited to, FIT & GAP, requirement definition, outline design, detailed design, coding, testing, etc.) based on the commission from Party A. Property rights shall also belong to Party B as in the previous paragraph.
  3. Party A may not sublicense this software to a third party.

Article 4 (Disclaimer)

Party B shall not be liable for any damage caused by Party A (or a third party) in connection with the use of this software, regardless of the cause, unless Party B is found to have been intentionally or grossly negligent.

Article 5 (Warranty)

Regarding this software, Party B will make its best efforts to provide the service, including ensuring that there are no defects, that it meets Party A's requirements and purpose of use, and that it operates normally in Party A's terminal usage environment. We do not make any guarantees regarding its quality or functionality.

Article 6 (Software usage fee)

  1. When using this software, Party A shall pay a usage fee separately determined by Party B (hereinafter referred to as the "Software usage fee").
  2. Party A shall follow the method specified by Party B regarding the payment deadline and payment method for software usage fees. In addition, Party A shall pay consumption tax and local consumption tax based on the tax rate in effect at the time of such calculation.
  3. The transfer fee shall be borne by Party A. However, if a separate contract regarding payment methods is concluded with Party B, the provisions of such contract will apply.

Article 7 (Specification changes)

  1. Party B may change the specifications of this software at any time without consent from Party A.
  2. If Party B changes the specifications based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, Party B shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses, or other problems caused to Party A if the changes do not match the purpose of use of Party A. I don't owe it.

Article 8 (Suspension of license)

If Party A purchases this software license and does not pay the software usage fee by the payment deadline, Party B may suspend the use of this software without Party A's prior consent (hereinafter referred to as "License Suspension"). ).
After the license is terminated, Party A may not use the Software. Party B shall not be responsible for any damage caused to Party A or a third party due to license suspension.

Article 9 (Cancellation of license)

If Party A falls under any of the following items, Party B may cancel all or part of the license to use this software without prior notice or demand to Party A.
In this case, Party A shall lose the benefit of the time limit for all debts incurred in connection with the use of this software, and Party A shall immediately pay such debts to Party B in one lump sum. In addition, Party A must promptly return this software and all copies thereof to Party B.

  1. Acts of illegally using account information
  2. Acts of using this software for purposes other than Party A's business purposes.
  3. Acts that cause damage to Party B or a third party
  4. Acts that infringe on the property rights, copyrights, patent rights, other intellectual property rights, and other legally protected interests that Party B and Party B use with legitimate title.
  5. Acts that slander Party B
  6. Acts that interfere with the operation of Party B regarding this software
  7. In the event of violation of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  8. In other cases that Party B deems inappropriate.

Article 10 (Statement regarding exclusion of anti-social forces)

  1. Party A shall, at the time of this agreement, provide to Party B an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, a person who has ceased to be a member of an organized crime group for less than five years, a quasi-member of an organized crime group, a company affiliated with an organized crime group, a quasi-organized crime group, a person belonging to a quasi-organized crime group, a general meeting. shop, etc.
    We declare that we do not fall under the category of social movement, etc., or persons equivalent to such groups as special intelligence violent groups (hereinafter referred to as "organized crime group members, etc."), and we guarantee that we will not fall under such categories in the future.
    In addition, if Party A is a corporation, its representatives, officers, or persons who substantially control its management are also covered by the warranty in this section.
  2. If Party A determines that Party B requires an investigation to determine whether the preceding paragraph applies, Party A shall cooperate with the investigation and submit materials deemed necessary for the investigation.
  3. If Party B finds out that Party A belongs to an organized crime group, etc., Party B may immediately cancel this agreement without the need for a notice or other procedures.
  4. Party B shall not bear any obligation or responsibility even if Party A suffers damage as a result of cancellation pursuant to the preceding paragraph.

Article 11 (Consultation)

If any doubt arises regarding matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions or their interpretation, Party A and Party B shall discuss in good faith and resolve the matter.