How to choose a business chat? Find the right chat tool for your company!


What is business chat?

Business chat is a chat tool intended for use in business situations.

Although it can be used on a one-to-one basis, it is often used by multiple people in a team-based group, and features enhanced security and user management functions compared to individual SNS.

Other convenient functions, such as schedule sharing and file sharing, allow users to do what they want to do while sending messages at the same time, and the number of users has been on the rise in recent years.

How to choose a business chat

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When choosing business chat, what should be your focus? Here are some points to consider when choosing a business chat system.

Does it have all the features you need?

Business chat is a very useful internal social networking tool, but it is not the only solution to all communication problems. It is necessary to select a service that offers as many functions as necessary for your company.

For example, if you want to hold meetings with members who are geographically distant from you, you need to have web conferencing capabilities, and if you do not yet have an internal infrastructure in place, a comprehensive service with file sharing, scheduling, and task management would be suitable.

chat function

Basically, it is a function to communicate using text.

In addition to text, many services have the ability to use pictograms and send documents, images, and videos.

group function

This function allows you to create groups and limit the number of people with whom you communicate.

For example, it can be assumed that the project is separated by project unit.

File Sharing Functions

This function allows you to share files among groups. In addition to documents, images and videos are often supported.

Some services allow Excel, Word, PDF, and other files to be opened and viewed directly on the business chat, eliminating the need to open them in Office software or viewers.

Web Conference Function

This feature allows video calls over business chat between groups you have created.

Members at other locations can also participate in the meeting immediately.

Schedule and task management functions

This function allows sharing and management of schedules and tasks among groups.

It is useful for scheduling and adding tasks immediately from the content of the chat, and for checking progress.

Meeting room reservation function

This function allows you to reserve a meeting room ahead of time.

You can immediately see who is using which meeting room.

Is it mobile-ready?

Mobile support is also important when choosing a business chat system.

In particular, it is most desirable to have dedicated Android and iOS apps available for easy operation, rather than just browser-enabled ones.

Nowadays, when reform of work styles has become an important keyword, the ability to share information anytime and anywhere is one of the most important factors in realizing flexible work styles.

Is the cost worth it?

No matter how many great features are available, if the cost of implementation is not in line with your budget, you will have to pass on the service. The more advanced the service, the more expensive it will be. It is best to choose the best business chat service while consulting with your budget.

Therefore, we recommend a service that is basically free to use and also offers a paid, highly functional version.

The free version often has a limited number of users and features, but if it is easy to use, you can move directly to the paid version.

There is no need to move shared files or settings to another tool, and best of all, you can continue to use the familiar business chat as you are used to using it.

Business chat is not just a chat tool.

We hope you now understand that business chat is not just a chat tool, but an "integrated communication tool with chat functionality as its main feature.

Please consider introducing this system to eliminate communication waste that occurs by e-mail and telephone and to increase productivity.