Let's use web conferencing and video calls to change the way we work!


Use videoconferencing, web conferencing, and video calls to change the way you work!

This article introduces videoconferencing, web conferencing, and video calling, which are the best tools for changing the way you work.

More than two years have passed since the term "work style reform" first appeared in our lives. In recent years, the working environment in Japan has been gradually changing. Lifetime employment is collapsing and women are being encouraged to enter the workforce. In order to realize a "100-million-people-activate" society, the current working environment is changing from the traditional way of working to a way of working that is more in line with the times.

Videoconferencing and web conferencing are ideal tools for such a change in work style. You can participate in meetings without having to be in the office, just by having a TV or a computer. This section discusses videoconferencing and web conferencing in response to the changing times.

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What is work style reform?

What is the reform of work styles that we have been hearing more and more about in recent years?In September 2016, Prime Minister Abe established the Office for Realization of Reform of Work Styles in the Cabinet Secretariat. This reform of work styles is an initiative to realize a society of 100 million people.

Japan has a declining birthrate and an aging population, and many elderly people must be supported by a smaller working generation. This is why we need to create a society and working environment that allows for a variety of work styles, that thickens the middle class, the working generation, and that prevents disparities. The reform of working styles is to create a working environment in which those who are currently working can work more easily and those who are not working can work.

The way we work will change.

Video conferencing, web conferencing, and video calls are tools for remote conferencing. In the traditional way of working, it was standard to gather in a company conference room and have a meeting. However, with video conferencing and web conferencing that allow you to participate in meetings remotely, there is no need to visit the office.

We will introduce two work style reforms that can be achieved by introducing these.

Various work arrangements are available.

The first is the ability to adapt work schedules to suit individual employees. As reforms in work styles are promoted, flextime systems, remote work (telecommuting), and shorter working hours are being introduced. Compared to the past, the variety of work styles has made it more difficult for all team members to gather at the same place.

Web conferencing allows for smooth communication without having to come into the office. Stress-free conversations make it easier to work with employees who have different work styles. By allowing employees to work in a variety of ways, it is easier for them to stay with the company even when there are changes in their personal lives.

Video conferencing and web conferencing can be implemented to accommodate different work schedules and make it easier for people to stay with the company.

Provide the same environment regardless of the number of people or locations

There is a difference in the way employees who come to work and those who work remotely receive services for their employees. Even if a seminar is held for employees, remote workers cannot listen to the content. If you have video conferencing or web conferencing in place, you can have them participate in the seminar remotely.

Reforms in work styles have just begun, and there are still issues to be addressed in creating an environment for employees who work remotely. However, with the use of videoconferencing and web conferencing, remote employees can be provided with the same environment as those who come to work. Videoconferencing and web conferencing will change the way we work.

With groupware, videoconferencing and web conferencing can be used.

How do I implement video conferencing and web conferencing? If you want to use these teleconferencing features,Groupwareis recommended to be introduced. Groupware offers a variety of features to streamline business operations, such as messaging, calendaring, and workflow. Some products offer video conferencing and web conferencing as part of their diverse features.

Strictly speaking, the only teleconferencing functionality provided by the groupware is the web conferencing function. The video conferencing feature requires a TV monitor. If a remote meeting requires only a computer and an Internet environment, it is called a Web conference. In the case of groupware, all you need is a computer and an Internet environment to participate in a remote meeting. Although videoconferencing is sometimes described as the more popular term, it is actually web conferencing, so do not make the mistake.

Try videoconferencing with the right groupware for your work style

We have explained about video conferencing and web conferencing, which are the best tools for work style reform. Video conferencing and web conferencing are communication tools that are suitable for today's world, where diverse work styles are accepted. By introducing video conferencing and web conferencing using groupware, you will be able to use a variety of functions and improve work efficiency.

If you are aiming to reform the way you work, we recommend considering introducing video conferencing or web conferencing.