Create an account and login to CAMServer



By creating an account and logging in to the CAMServer built on-premise environment, it is possible to connect to browsers and smartphone devices.

  • Email address is required for account registration, but email authentication is not used for on-premise accounts
  • If your organization does not have an email, you can still register with a temporary email domain.However, as an option Email notification functionTherefore, please consider leaving an email address that can be used as is when an email is assigned to an individual in the future.

Web app and browser version

A browser version is available for CAMServer Enterprise. The browser version is available as a web application or through a standard browser.We recommend the use of web applications.

For access from the browser version or web application, the IP address during verification is fine, but by the time of actual operation Domain Name Settings Please do.

Using Web Apps

Installation and setup are Web App Version for more information.

Use the standard browser

Access from a standard browser requires an https connection due to WebRTC restrictions.Apply SSL certificate to CAMServeror you need to bypass the SSL warning and access it as follows

If you want to avoid warnings

*Once you avoid the SSL warning, the warning will no longer be displayed.

Avoid with startup options

Give the following options from the properties
"" --ignore-certificate-errors
Recommended browser is Chrome, with support for Microsoft Edge and Firefoxe; Internet explorer is not supported.

Smartphone version

The application is available in each store (Android / iOS) from the following website.

  • The smartphone device must be connected to the company's WI-FI and have access to the CAMServer.
  • If you are unable to connect properly, use the browser on your mobile device and paste the following address into the address bar to see if you can connect to CAMServer properly.
  • When connecting by Host name or DNS name, the IP address and DNS name must be linked on the WI-FI router.
  • If you are unable to connect, consult your network administrator for access to the CAMServer from your mobile device.

Desktop version (deprecated)

Please use the web app/browser version.

Installation and setup of the desktop version is desktop version for more information.

You can show or hide the Network tab by doing the following

Show/Hide Network tab

User Registration and Email Domain Management

The "User Registration and Email Domain Management" feature allows the administrator to control which email domains accounts can be created. There are no restrictions by default for CAMServer built on-premise, so administrators must set their own policies.