Market size and future potential of groupware

Groupware has already been introduced by many companies as a tool to improve business efficiency. Although people understand the appeal of groupware as a tool, few people know the background and the size of the market.

If you are using groupware, it is also important to know how it will develop in the future. Therefore, we will explain the market size of groupware and its future possibilities.


Groupware base has existed since the 1990s

The concept of groupware has been around for a long time.
Initially, on-premises type was the mainstream, but from around 2015 onward, cloud-based groupware has become easier and cheaper to implement, and the share of cloud-based groupware has increased.

To learn about the future of groupware, it is important to first know the background of these issues as well.

Market size is expanding every year.

Next, let's look at recent market trends in groupware.

Japan Social Systems Laboratory Co. Groupware Market Trends 2018 According to the "Groupware Market" (see Figure 1), groupware was initially popular mainly among large companies, but recently its use is increasing as an important IT tool for small and medium-sized companies as well.

Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. New Markets for the Software Business 2017 Edition According to the "Groupware Market Size" of "Groupware Market", the size of the groupware market in FY2016 was 17 billion yen for the package type (on-premise type) and 99 billion yen for the cloud type, and the forecast for FY2021 is 14.1 billion yen for the package type (on-premise type) and 184.5 billion yen for the cloud type.

What this forecast indicates is that the market for groupware is still growing, and that the need for cloud-based groupware, in particular, will increase even more.

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The possibilities for groupware are still expanding.

Groupware is projected to continue to grow, but how will it evolve as a product?

Recently, chat functions have been included in groupware, or Business Chat The trend toward the integration of groupware and the incorporation of groupware functionality is becoming more noticeable.

By the way,Chat&Messenger has been developed around 2012 based on the concept of incorporating groupware functions around the business chat function.

It is also predicted that chat will be equipped with AI. It is said that workflow will become more efficient, such as being able to complete internal applications simply by communicating with the AI in the chat. Not only will the market grow, but the products will evolve as well.

As of 2019, from a user perspective, any product should do more search than AI! is an honest opinion, though.


We have explained the history, market size, and future of groupware.

As introduced above, the market size of groupware is expected to expand. We will be able to use groupware that has evolved to be even more convenient in the future. If you have not yet introduced groupware, please consider doing so because it is a useful tool.