Business Efficiency with Groupware


Business Efficiency with Groupware

In this article,GroupwareThis presentation will introduce the operational efficiencies that can be realized by introducing

In recent years, many companies have introduced groupware. Why do companies introduce groupware? It is because the various functions provided by groupware can improve the efficiency of business operations.

This article introduces how groupware can make your business more efficient. This article is a must-check for those who are planning to introduce groupware or those who have already introduced groupware but have not made progress in improving business efficiency!

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Multiple people can work together.

Groupware has a file sharing function. By managing files in groupware, people working on the same project can work together efficiently. Not only people in the company, but also people working remotely can update the same files.

Since files that used to be updated by each person can be managed by groupware, work efficiency will increase dramatically. The convenience of groupware is that you can work together without being restricted by location or the number of people working together.

Paperless Printing Reduces Printing Time

The file sharing feature introduced earlier allows for a paperless environment.

With the file sharing function, documents that were previously printed can be viewed on each person's computer. This saves printing time. It will also lead to cost savings by eliminating the need for printed materials.

If files are managed centrally by groupware and unnecessary documents are not printed, there will be no more piles of documents on the desk. This will free up desk space and improve work efficiency. The dramatic reduction in the amount of documents stored will eliminate the need for a storage room, allowing for more office space. This will create a less stressful office environment.

Greatly increase the speed of information sharing

Groupware allows for much faster information sharing. Using the bulletin board function, knowledge and information acquired by one employee can be quickly shared within the company. Manuals and company newsletters, which have traditionally been shared on paper, can be uploaded to Groupware and viewed by all employees without having to distribute them. You can also look back on materials to review them at your own time.

In addition, when sharing information, the scope of disclosure can be limited. There is no need to disclose to the entire company information that should be shared at the business unit level. This allows necessary information to be delivered to the necessary departments for efficient sharing.

With groupware, employees can quickly be made aware of information they have obtained or want to share company-wide, thereby improving work efficiency. This is a typical function of business efficiency that can be realized by groupware.

Video conferencing capability eliminates the hassle of reserving a meeting room

In our daily work, we spend a lot of time on things related to meetings. Reserving meeting rooms, coordinating the schedules of participating members, and traveling to and from meeting rooms are just a few examples. If people using the meeting room at a previous time are lingering, their schedules will be affected by it.

Some groupware products offer video conferencing capabilities. With video conferencing, you can participate in a meeting from your own desk. The members of the meeting do not have to be in the company. Sales department employees who participate from a nearby café or remote workers can join a meeting without having to come to the office.

It eliminates the need to reserve a meeting room and allows each person to participate in the meeting from his or her own location, thus streamlining operations. For companies that have been plagued with meeting times in the past, there is no other feature that could be more beneficial.

Workflow functionality simplifies approvals

The workflow function in groupware can simplify the approval process. Have you ever had to print out a document and go to each of your superiors to get a seal of approval? It must have been a hassle at times.

Using the workflow function, you can obtain approval and settlement within the groupware. Approval can be obtained even when the superior is away on a business trip. The days of printing out documents and waiting for the supervisor's return will disappear with the introduction of groupware. This can realize a significant improvement in work efficiency.


We have explained the business efficiency improvements that can be realized by introducing groupware. Although we have introduced some typical business efficiency improvements by introducing groupware, there are still many more advantages.

Groupware can greatly improve the way employees work. Companies for which improving business efficiency is a management issue should consider introducing groupware.