Desktop version Web conferencing is now available for LAN, 64-bit, and 4K monitors.


desktop version

  • v4.22.03 Improved stability of audio and camera in video calls for LAN
    • Address a problem that audio could not be played on PCs that do not support WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) (rare case).
    • Support for inexpensive Chinese cameras such as eMeet C960, which were not supported.
  • v4.21.04 Browser version developed so far also for LAN Web Conference is now available
    How to use this service,CAMServer (Enterprise) and using theStart the video serverIt is necessary to
  • v4.20.47 Fixed a known issue that reaction icons are not reflected in Messenger for LAN
  • v4.20.35 Improvements around log search
  • v4.20.34 Don't disable bind addresses set in preferences even if network is temporarily disabled
  • v4.20.25 Desktop version 64bit supported
  • v4.20.25 Support for Windows 4K monitors (* The current 32-bit version has a problem with blurred images and fonts when launched in FullHD or higher resolution environments.)

browser version

  • Browser version UI revamped for easier use
  • Find members' available time and easily schedule appointments!
  • When calling from talk, it is easy to understand the status of the call
  • Chat rooms, responding to Mention ALL
  • Real-time chat synchronization across all tabs, even when multiple browser tabs are active