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Accumulating Know-How In-House! Why Knowledge Sharing is Important

Each employee acquires know-how and knowledge in their daily work. While it is important for individuals to apply their experience, if that know-how and knowledge is shared throughout the company, it can have a significant impact. It is not uncommon for this to lead to business expansion and increased sales. Here are some reasons why sharing knowledge is important. If you are having trouble with how to accumulate know-how within your company, or if you are having trouble sharing knowledge, please refer to this section.

What is Knowledge Sharing?

Let's start by introducing what we mean by knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is the sharing of know-how and knowledge with the entire staff working in an organization, rather than using it individually. This is done in order to reap the many benefits of utilizing knowledge throughout the organization.

Why knowledge sharing is necessary

Knowledge translates directly to "knowledge," but it is not the only word. It applies to a wide range of things, including techniques, experience, and practical knowledge in business. Even if you have good quality knowledge, there will be limits to how much an individual can make use of it. By promoting knowledge sharing within the organization, we can make better use of the information. It will also reduce unnecessary work and improve work efficiency. That is why it is important to share knowledge.

Promoting internal knowledge sharing is essential in today's business world, which demands a change in the way people work. In order to improve work productivity and reduce overtime hours, we need to share techniques and experiences with each other to work more efficiently. It is said that the top 20% employees in an organization achieve 80%. By sharing the knowledge that these top 20%s use in their daily work within the company, we can raise the level of the entire organization. Employees who share their knowledge will also have an easier time as a result, as other employees will be more efficient in their work. Even if the composition of results within the company remains the same, working more efficiently will greatly improve sales and increase business performance.

Thus, there are significant benefits to sharing knowledge. If knowledge is not monopolized by individuals but shared by the organization, it will have a positive impact on both employees and the company.

Tools for sharing knowledge

So, what tools should be used to share knowledge? The tool we recommend is groupware. Groupware is a tool to improve business efficiency. Groupware is equipped with a variety of functions, and products with knowledge sharing functions are also available. There are a number of functions in groupware that allow information to be shared, such as bulletin boards, minutes, file sharing, project management, and reports. Using these functions, knowledge sharing will be easy.

Groupware offers several advantages because it is equipped with a variety of tools as well as knowledge sharing functions. Groupware, which is equipped with tools other than knowledge sharing, is a product worth considering introducing to improve the efficiency of business operations.

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We have explained why it is important to share knowledge within the company. By sharing knowledge within the company, employees will be able to perform their work with ease, and the company's performance will also improve. By introducing groupware and creating an environment that enables knowledge sharing, you will be able to realize many benefits. Consider implementing groupware to promote knowledge sharing.