How will AI (Artificial Intelligence) change business chat?


How will AI (Artificial Intelligence) change business chat?

Business Chat has become an indispensable tool for business these days.

It has penetrated the market as a more convenient communication tool than e-mail, and is popular mainly among companies with high IT literacy. Such business chat is evolving day by day and is about to be equipped with AI, which has become a trending word these days.

How will business chat change with the inclusion of AI?

We will explain in detail from here. If you are using business chat or want to know more about the future trend of communication tools, please refer to this page.

Current Status of Business Chat

The business chat market is growing every year: from 3.46 billion yen in 2017, sales are expected to reach 10 billion yen by 2020.

The reason why the market has expanded so much is because it is an excellent communication tool.

According to 2017 statistics, 12.11 TP3T companies have implemented business chat company-wide and 161 TP3T companies have implemented it partially, and the number is expected to continue to grow.

Summary of business chat tool market size and adoption status

Business chat is a tool that allows easier communication than e-mail. In the ever-changing business scene, quick decision-making is essential. Business chat, which enables speedy communication, is a tool that matches the times.

In addition to communication, it also supports a wide range of tasks such as project management and file sharing.

Business chat is an important tool that supports many companies.

Business chat is undergoing changes due to AI

Business chat is about to become a useful tool that can further streamline business operations by incorporating AI.

A typical example is chatbots. By chatting with a chatbot that automatically replies to you, you can complete simple business applications.

AI-powered business chat eliminates the need to set up a business system and allows for more efficient operations.

What AI-embedded business chat can do is currently limited. However, it is full of many possibilities.

What AI-powered business chat will be able to do

What will AI-powered business chat be able to do in the future?

Simply communicating with an AI-powered business chat is said to be a great way to manage health, manage stress, detect employees who are likely to leave the company, and much more.

They figure out how much work they are doing based on their behavior in business chats, and whether they are stressed or working too hard.

It is also said that it will be able to find potential job turnover based on areas of expertise in the job or dissatisfaction with the company. If AI can prevent turnover and reassign people appropriately, the usefulness of business chat will expand further.

With AI built in, business chat should become more than just a communication tool.

AI makes business chat even more useful

We have explained how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change business chat. Business chat continues to expand its market size as a comfortable communication tool.

Once AI is incorporated, it will not be limited to communication tools, but could be used in a wide range of areas such as stress management and turnover prevention. Keep an eye on the progress of business chat.