Purchase CAMServer License


License definition and costs

CAMServer is chargeable and the license definition is as follows

  • One license allows CAMServer to be used on one operating system.
  • The license includes the basic set of 20 users. Additional users can be purchased in increments of 10 users.
  • The annual license price for the basic set 20 user version isEach planfor reference.
  • The total number of licensed users required must be the sum of the following (duplicate users can be eliminated)
    • LAN model: Number of users online connecting to CAMServer
    • Cloud model: Number of user accounts created
    • Quick Web ConferenceIf you are using only
  • In the first year, there will be an initial cost of 20,000 yen to provide email support on how to install and use the product.
  • If you require more advanced support, such as web conference consulting or training, a separate support contract is required.

License Purchase Flow

The following three steps are required from the purchase of CAMServer to the placement of the license file.


."License Purchase ApplicationPlease fill in the required information on the page and apply.
After you apply, we will send you a ``estimate (PDF version)'' that includes the bank account for the transfer, so please transfer the amount to the specified account.
Once the transfer is complete and we have confirmed it, we will send you the license file via email.

Once the transfer has been completed, please let us know by email.

2. registration of license key

The following license keys can be registered while CAMServer is running.

  • Note: License key registration must be done on the CAMServer
  • If your e-mail software includes line feeds, please remove them and paste them on a single line.
  • Please restart CAMServer after registering the license key to enable all functions.
  • When registration is complete, a file will be generated directly under the CAMServer folder. CAMServer
    ├─camserver.exe ・・・Executable file
    └──  ...←License file

Check License Information

License information can be found in Help => Information as follows

LAN: Number of users online in LAN model
Crowd・・・Number of accesses registered in the cloud model

note (supplementary information) symbol Difference between LAN model and cloud model

Request for on-site explanation and setup work for installation.

Although on-site support fees are required, we will provide on-site explanations and set-up work associated with implementation.
if necessaryContact UsPlease contact us from the "Contact Us" page.

Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions