Thorough Comparison of Groupware! Which service should you use!


Thorough Comparison of Groupware! Which service should you use!

Are you wondering which product to use when implementing groupware? As groupware has become more prevalent, many products have appeared on the market. The more products there are, the more companies that are considering implementing them will be at a loss.

Therefore, this article will provide a thorough comparison of well-known groupware products. The features of the groupware will be introduced so that it will be clear which product to use. If you are a manager or person in charge who is considering introducing groupware, please check it out.

G Suite

Many of you probably use Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. on a daily basis for your work. G Suite is a groupware that combines all the Google services you need for your work into one package. G Suite is the best groupware for companies that often use Google services.

Key features: email, audio conferencing, video conferencing, calendar, file sharing, etc.

Price: from 600 yen

Cybozu Office

No. 1 share of the domestic groupware market for 10 consecutive years. Cybozu Office boasts unwavering popularity. The appeal of Cybozu Office is that it can be customized by individuals. Each user can turn functions on and off and hide unused applications. It is a groupware with a high degree of freedom among the many standardized groupware. This service is unique to Cybozu, a company that pursues a better way of working.

Key features: email, calendar, file sharing, workflow, time cards, etc.

Price: from 500 yen


Kintone is a groupware provided by Cybozu, the same company that provides Cybozu Office. kintone allows you to create your own business system (application) according to your company's business content. You can build systems such as daily report apps, task management apps, case management apps, etc., according to your company or division. No development knowledge is required to build an application. Advanced applications can also be developed using Javascript. You can create your own groupware that meets your company's needs.

Key functions: daily reports, task management, inquiry management, travel expense application, recruitment interview management, etc.

Price: 780 yen and up

Introduce groupware for free!

Chat&Messenger is groupware that integrates business chat, web conferencing, file sharing, schedule management, document management, conference room reservation, and attendance management in an easy-to-use manner. Perfect security for businesses,Available for free!