Free software that integrates Chat, Messenger, Video conferencing, Schedule, Document sharing.
Automatic user recognition within the LAN compatible with IP Messenger. Windows / Mac OSX
  • Business chat is free of charge ! !

    Integrated chat, messenger, calendar, sticky note, capture.IP Messenger, ipmsg compatible
    Chat, Messenger, Video conferencing,
    Calendar, Schedule, Document sharing etc.
    Can be added by extension function!

    No need for server, automatic user recognition in LAN without setting, personnel change or management even when entering company

    Because it is a dedicated messenger in the LAN, security is also safe.
  • Video conference with one click!

    Video conference
    The initial cost of the Tetelevision meeting is only for the Web camera price,
    You can introduce voice calls and video conference systems anyway without cost

    High resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) can be used comfortably with FullScreen

    Desktop screen sharing is also possible

    Examples of introduction with overseas bases at the video conference
    For details, see " Videoconferencing / Voice Call "
  • Search is a tremendous document · File sharing system

    To Do
    High function, high security, search is a tremendous document · File sharing system, in-house knowledge documents, bulletin boards, electronic circulation version, file sharing system etc can be used

    Easy document registration with template registration and copy function!

    For details, refer to " Document / file sharing "
  • Real time schedule reservation

    Schedule appointments looking for vacancies.Vista Ready
    It realizes operability and real-time nature that can not be felt with web-based groupware! It is!

    You can check the member's time schedule of the day, find free time and schedule appointment efficiently

    See " Schedule sharing " for details
  • Real-time communication between Windows and Mac OS

    For details, refer to " About Mac version "
Free download
Windows / Mac / Android / iOS

Chat / Messenger / Conference / Calendar / ToDo

IP Messenger compatible messenger


Messenger can also send fixed form messages

High-speed search for messenger logs

  • IP Messenger compatible messenger.Automatically recognize Chat & Messenger and IP Messenger users in the LAN, and can send and receive encrypted messages

  • Presence that makes it clear at a glance the status (online, offline) of other users is convenient

  • Register your favorite quick message and send it quickly

  • Log search is powerful! It is possible to search arbitrary text instantly from a log with one million rows

  • Save and automatically send messages to offline users

Refer to Messenger for usage


Easy to create chat rooms

Send to chat
  • It is more efficient to discuss in a waste meeting, chat!

  • Chat rooms can be created publicly, with private restrictions, freely in the LAN

  • Coordination of chat and capture makes it possible to streamline the review of Web screens and design documents

Refer to chat for usage

Video conference / Voice call

Video conference

  • It is possible to easily build a video conference environment
    Since Chat & Messenger automatically recognizes client users, there is no need for administrative labor even when personnel change, seating change, joining the company

  • Videoconference is one click · It connects at high speed!

  • Simultaneous voice calling up to about 20 people depending on the environment

  • A full-scale video conference system can be constructed simply by using a web camera dedicated for conference

  • High resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) can be used comfortably with FullScreen

  • Send desktop screen in real time during voice call

See video conference for usage

Calendar / Schedule sharing / ToDo / Meeting room reservation

Schedule appointments looking for vacancies.Vista Ready

To Do

  • You can browse other member's publication schedule and make schedule appointment in idle time

  • When you set an alarm, you can notify by balloon and sound before the specified time
    Refer to Calendar · Schedule sharing for usage

  • It is possible to request ToDo to members quickly and manage progress
    See ToDo for usage

Introduction of CAMServer to full-fledged groupware

By arranging a vacant laptop PC or cheap second hand PC with management function CAMServer, it is possible to construct full-fledged groupware securely within the company intranet.
CAMServer is characterized by designing it so that 100 - 200 users can handle enough by merely introducing it to an empty notebook PC or an inexpensive second - hand PC in the same sense as Chat & Messenger.
* If you are a high-spec PC you can handle about 1,000 users (actual value)
* You do not need any IT skills (web server, DB server etc) required for server construction
We mainly provide the following functions.
CAMServer Overview

  • All Chat & Messenger will become premium edition
  • Recognize users in different segments
  • Easy to build video conference and extension telephone system
  • Server transfer of messages addressed to offline users
  • Schedule sharing
  • Meeting room / facility reservation
  • High-function document / file sharing system
  • Email transfer to smartphone terminal
  • Centralized management of message logs (Compliance compliance)
See the overview for details

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